When they tried to define you, you kept them guessing. When they tried to shape you, you broke their mold. When they tried to limit you, you exceeded your own expectations. And when they tried to lead you, you invited them to follow. For this is your journey.
My modern jewlery designs are inspired by time - transcending a moment to become your statement.
Jean Georges
Jean Georges Bois is jewelry for you. "My modern jewelry designs are inspired by time - transcending a moment to become your statement." This moment in time is the culmination of all of your moments, your experiences. Reach farther and create your statement. The time is now and the time is yours. Jean Georges Bois jewelry reaches back through time to see what lies ahead. Inspired by history and looking to the future to travel the path with you. Side by side, arm in arm. Our premier collection of Bisous Bangles is inspired by duality. The duality that is the tension between two forces. Light and dark. Body and mind. Logic and intuition. Jean Georges Bois Bisous Bangles examines these relationships to create a work of art that transcends the definitions, the contrasts, the concepts and becomes the embodiment of it. You are the culmination of all of your moments. You transcend definitions, molds, limits to lead your own journey. We want to walk by your side, traveling your path, as you make your statement. We want to encircle your wrist with the never ending beauty of a Jean Georges Bois Bisous Bangle. For a circle has no beginning or ending, it is a path of discovery that defies definition, molds and limits. It is the journey to come full circle. And then we see that we are exactly where we want to be.
The Jean Georges Bois premier line of Bisous Bangles are available exclusively on the Jean Georges Bois website. Designed and made in New York City. The Bisous Bangles are presented in silver. Click here to see the designs.

humble beginnings

The Jean Georges Bois concept came about after a summer day spent in Central Park picnicking with friends. As the wine flowed we shared our secrets, our histories, our plans. We told stories from childhood and those of our ancestors. And we realized that we shared more in common than friendship. We shared a desire to bring beauty to the world through originality. We shared a passion for creativity…