humble beginnings

The Jean Georges Bois concept came about after a summer day spent in Central Park picnicking with friends. As the wine flowed we shared our secrets, our histories, our plans. We told stories from childhood and those of our ancestors. And we realized that we shared more in common than friendship. We shared a desire to bring beauty to the world through originality. We shared a passion for creativity…

Jean Georges Bois, the founder and inspiration of the company, shares his raison d'être "My modern jewelry designs are inspired by time - transcending a moment to become your statement." The foundation of our designs is based on those who defy definition, break molds and exceed limits - these are the women and men who inspired us to create the premier line of Bisous Bangles.

For a circle has no beginning or ending, it is a path of discovery that defies definition, molds and limits. It is the journey to come full circle. And then we see that we are exactly where we want to be. On that warm summer day in New York City, each of us had traveled our own path to arrive at that moment. And each of our moments up to that point was what propelled us there. And as we dove deeper into our own inspirations, we realized that each of us had a duality. A light and dark. A body and mind. A capacity for logic and intuition. And those dualities, the push / pull between them, the tensions, were the beginnings of the Bisous Bangle line. Organic in adornment, linear in design. Viewed from a top angle, the Bisous Bangle shows it's natural flow. When viewed from the side, the Bisous Bangle demonstrates it's firm understanding of the properties of a circle.

We would be honored to walk by your side, arm in arm, as you travel your path, forging your trail, transcending the moments as you become your statement.